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Re: Problems with "find" and job control.


>Sorry, but the error message:
>    FIND: Parameter format not correct
>is a pure M$ism.  (Just type \winnt\system32\find to "find" this message)


As Corinna said, if you are having this problem, I would rather rename MS
find.exe.  Windows NT find.exe is useless anyway.

>Depending on the paths to sort things out gives you different results
>depending on the context you're working from.
>Personally, I would NOT want my BAT scripts to behave differently depending
>on where they're running from.
>Also you only need to quote the name of the file you're looking for (under
>gnu-find or gfind for short) when the filename includes a wildcard.
>Anybody gona write Cygwin in a nutshell for O'Reily?  (It's such a pain to
>flip back and forth between the eNp-Ty and Linux books. ;-)

Are you planing to do it?


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