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Re: find, ksh, and job control

>True, but from what I've seen, even those commands don't generally have
>nearly the functionality of the GNU equivalents. Please understand that I'm
>not just trying to be contrary. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not

Sorry, I am not contradicting you.  I mention in my previous message(s) that
every one has his own preferences.  I do not like to rename or delete
anything from one system (or program).  I prefer to avoid conflicts if I
notice any therefore I took the two batch files approach as I wrote

I do not think you are missing anything, you have your prefrences and I have
mine.  Your configuration works for you and I am not against it.  I am
simply stating what I have, in response to David's message that he had some

I agree those functionalities (UNIX option pack) are no where close to GNU
packages.  However, if you get it free then why not use it.


>Rick Rankin

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