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Re: problems compiling EGCS snapshots

In a message dated 3/17/99 1:08:37 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> I need to work with the new EGCS snapshots. Compiling them is not a
>  problem on my linux box but I am unable to do so on my NT4 SP4 workstation
>  (with cygwin b20.1). 
>  	It always claim that "stdlib.h" is missing at the very end of the
>  compilation.

The libgcc2 part of the build on Windoze looks for this (and maybe a few
other) includes in /usr/include.  With the include files symlinked there, I
had no trouble building the currrent snapshot on NT4SP3; there is another
problem with libgcc2 now on W95.

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