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Re: makedepend

makedepend, comes with imake, which itself comes with X11. I'm not a cygwin
guy, but i think this is not part of the bare cygwin structure and then should
not be included with the cygwin distrib. It could be part of some "standard
utility package", if there was one. By the way, getting imake to compile is
rather straight. 
You can get a standalone imake package from the followinf URL
but the makefile may be modified for using HPUX cc with HPUX cflags (tweak it
the other way, and you should be done. On the other hand, you can get the full
X11R6.4 binary distrib(there's a pointer from the cygwin page) and keep what
fits your needs...

Frank McIngvale wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can find the sources or a binary
> for `makedepend'? Is it part of the `make' or `gcc' sources?
> (Alternatively, would Cygnus consider making this a standard
> part of cygwin?)
> thanks!
> frank
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