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Re: "Accented" characters

Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> > Henrik Johansson wrote:
> > > There is a couple of problems, however.  When I write (in bash)
> > >         ls //c/tmp/l*.txt
> > > the response is
> > >         //c/tmp/l?smig.txt
> > > even though the real filename is "läsmig.txt" (the second character in
> > > the filename has the code 228, or is an 'a' with two dots).
> Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
> >         chcp 1252
> Ok, after some private exchange with Dan Herron
> <> I caved in and actually tested these
> things instead of just shooting from the hip ;-). Note that all that
> follows is only tested with b18 (good enough for my occasional tests
> until now).
> Firstly, in b18 bash needs the complete filename for CHCP, so it's
> actually " 1252".

When I read that I was delighted I would be able to have proper accents in my
Bash/Dos window.
Pity is I don't seem to have at all at all (yes I did a comprehensive
search on my disk).
Any idea what could replace chcp on a Windows 95 B platform ?
The rest will probably work fine once I have that chcp thingy replaced.

> Secondly, bash needs some additional configuration in ~/.inputrc (copied
> from my Linux box):
> >>>>>>>>>>>
> set convert-meta Off
> set output-meta On
> <<<<<<<<<<<
> Thirdly and lastly, for ls to show 8-bit chars correctly, the "-N" (AKA
> "--literal") option is needed, so
>   ls -N
> does the job.
> so long, benny
> ======================================
> Benjamin Riefenstahl (
> Crocodial Communications EntwicklungsGmbH
> Ruhrstr. 61, D-22761 Hamburg, Germany

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