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C compiler headers

Dear All,

Would anyone in the know be kind enough to let me know what the
appropriate header definition is required to define fcloseall ?
Probably a deprecated windows function, but I'd still like to know
about it.

Attached is where it seems to be located in the egcs/mingw32
libraries, unfortunately it is absent from the headers I have.

I would love to hear from you.

Pour me répondre, veuillez enlever le Z de mon adresse.
To answer me, please take out the Z from my address.

libcrtdll.a:ds355.o:00000000 ? __imp_fclose
libcrtdll.a:ds355.o:00000000 ? _imp__fclose
libcrtdll.a:ds355.o:00000000 T fclose
libcrtdll.a:ds85.o:00000000 ? __imp__fcloseall
libcrtdll.a:ds85.o:00000000 T _fcloseall
libcrtdll.a:ds85.o:00000000 ? _imp___fcloseall
libmsvcrt.a:ds534.o:00000000 ? __imp_fclose
libmsvcrt.a:ds534.o:00000000 ? _imp__fclose
libmsvcrt.a:ds534.o:00000000 T fclose
libmsvcrt.a:ds160.o:00000000 ? __imp__fcloseall
libmsvcrt.a:ds160.o:00000000 T _fcloseall
libmsvcrt.a:ds160.o:00000000 ? _imp___fcloseall
libmsvcrt20.a:ds517.o:00000000 ? __imp_fclose
libmsvcrt20.a:ds517.o:00000000 ? _imp__fclose
libmsvcrt20.a:ds517.o:00000000 T fclose
libmsvcrt20.a:ds136.o:00000000 ? __imp__fcloseall
libmsvcrt20.a:ds136.o:00000000 T _fcloseall
libmsvcrt20.a:ds136.o:00000000 ? _imp___fcloseall
libmsvcrt40.a:ds503.o:00000000 ? __imp_fclose
libmsvcrt40.a:ds503.o:00000000 ? _imp__fclose
libmsvcrt40.a:ds503.o:00000000 T fclose
libmsvcrt40.a:ds143.o:00000000 ? __imp__fcloseall
libmsvcrt40.a:ds143.o:00000000 T _fcloseall
libmsvcrt40.a:ds143.o:00000000 ? _imp___fcloseall

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