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Re: "Accented" characters

Hi Alain,

> Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
> > Firstly, in b18 bash needs the complete filename for CHCP, so it's
> > actually " 1252".

Alain CULOS wrote:
> When I read that I was delighted I would be able to have proper accents in my
> Bash/Dos window.
> Pity is I don't seem to have at all at all (yes I did a comprehensive
> search on my disk).
> Any idea what could replace chcp on a Windows 95 B platform ?
> The rest will probably work fine once I have that chcp thingy replaced.

As some other Win95 user found out, it looks like this is rather
difficult on Win95.

CHCP is an internal command of on Win95. So for that part
"$COMSPEC /c chcp 1252" is the solution.

But the main problem is, it seems that support for code page 1252 in the
console window doesn't come with the regular Win95 installation. I don't
know where to get the necessary files and how exactly to install and
activate them. You could try to find these files and instructions at, but I'm not sure that this will work at all.

Another solution might be to use some other command window like the rxvt
that I have seen discussed here. It's at according to the last resource pointer

so long, benny
Benjamin Riefenstahl (
Crocodial Communications EntwicklungsGmbH
Ruhrstr. 61, D-22761 Hamburg, Germany

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