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Re: Making DLL's.

Hello Serguei,

Serguei DACHIAN <> wrote:

SD>         Hi, there.

SD> I find that the making of DLL's is a quite complicated and ennoying under
SD> CygWin, so I decided to write a shell script to facilitate this task.  Below
SD> you will find this script.

    Why so complex? I just made makefile, which I include in main one, .

SD>   I would like much to hear from you about it.
SD> I'm not a 'wizard' in things of such a kind, so I would be happy for any
SD> comments and suggestions.  Especially, I would like to here about this from
SD> CygWin mantainers/developpers: do there are plans to include such a tool in
SD> CygWin in the future releases, etc., etc.

    DJ Delorie is making/have made support for usual 'gcc -shared',
it's in snapshots now and going to be in b21, AFAIU.

SD> At the same time I have two questions about DLL's:

SD> 1) Is it possible to use DLL's made by CygWin in applications being
SD> developped with MSVC++ (may be after rebuilding the import library)?  If
SD> yes, how must I proceed for that (I am not at al specialist in MSVC++)?

    Very easy with mingw32, for cygwin some magic required, it's
almost faq, see maillist archive. (Implib must be rebuilt, yes).

SD> 2) The same questions in the case of C++ code. (I think that I have read
SD> somewhere something about mangling scheme difference between CygWin g++ and
SD> MSVC++, isn't it will be a problem?)

    Of course, there's different mangling, but as egcs guys usually
say, mangling is not the biggest problem with C++.

SD> Well, that's all for the moment.  Here goes the script:


SD> # Personally, I prefere to strip everything to save disk space, but if
SD> # you don't like it, comment the following line:
SD> #
SD> strip $1.dll

Beware of this, it cripples dlls, at least on win95.

SD> Best regards,
SD>                         Serguei.

Best regards,

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