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Re: gtk+ and it's glib?

well, i've downloaded last stable glib and last stable gtk... I've done
./configure and make / make install  in glib... I had to rename library at
install(for some reasons, they don't have the "lib" prefix. I haven't check out
why, just did 3 "mv"(lazy fix ;) ). 
Then ./configure in gtk, (added "int __mb_cur_max=1;" in the top of gdk/gdkim.c
file), did make / make install. test-gtk run fine (and also, after that
coompiled imlib and imlib_config which is a gtk binary also works fine).
The process is quite easy as you can see. I'm not satisfied at all with the
__mb_cur_max work around, but it works for me ... Yet, if any cygwin guru could
explain us why the hell this stuff is not (or not found) in the standard c
library, i'd be glad to finally understand why i have to do this crappy work

Greg Herlein wrote:
> Has anyone used the glib library that is a component of gtk+ with
> the cygwin libraries?  It seems like it would work easily, but
> one never knows.  How about gtk?
> I'll be testing it soon anyway, but in the interest of perhaps
> saving me a few yours work, has anyone already done this?  I
> hope?
> Greg
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