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Re: [ANN] GMP 2.0.2 binaries for cygwin/mingw

        Dear Mumit

I've tried to install mingw32 version under my CygWin + egcs1.1.2 + mingw-libs,
and to compile with -mno-cygwin switch.  While compiling a sample program
"factorize.c" (comes from gmp-2.0.2 source distribution, from demos
directory) I got the following errors:
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/cclVNmrv.o(.text+0x629):factorize.c: undefined
> reference to `random'
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/cclVNmrv.o(.text+0x636):factorize.c: undefined
> reference to `random'
> /usr/local/libmingw32/libgmp.a(random.o)(.text+0x39):random.c: undefined
> reference to `random'
> /usr/local/libmingw32/libgmp.a(random.o)(.text+0x40):random.c: undefined
> referen ce to `random'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
What is going wrong here???  Normally I have no problems for compiling with

Am I doing something wrong ???

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