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Re: Cygnus build problems on GNU Libc 2.1 Linux

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, the jackal wrote:

> Mumit Khan:
> 	I am receiving the following error on linking for building the CyGNUs win32 dev-src.tar.bz2. [the line breaks are in the wrong place and I apologize for that]... 
> 	../../../../../src/winsup/utils/ In function `void show_mounts()':
> 	../../../../src/winsup/utils/ warning: initialization to `char *' from `const char *' discards const
> 	/mnt/scsi-a/tmp/cygwin-b20/CROSS/gcc/collect-ld: cannot open -lshell32: No such
> 	file or directory
> -- 

fyi, you should report these to the Cygwin mailing list as well; I'm
rather busy right now, and hopefully others may be able to help.


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