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Docs for libiberty?

>> BTW: Why is libiberty called libiberty
>It's a play on words, sort of.  In Unix, library "foo" has file
>"libfoo.a" and uses "-lfoo" to link, so with libiberty, you end up
>typing "-liberty" on your command lines all the time.  The idea was to
>liberate the programmer from the deficiencies of the OS-supplied
>library by fixing or supplying whatever the OS lacked, like strdup,
>which isn't available in Ultrix, and memcmp, which isn't available in

This brings up a question I have long wanted to ask: Is there documentation
somewhere for the more obscure GNU libraries such as libiberty and libgloss
(aside from the source)? i.e. What functions do they include, etc.

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