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Re: Win32 Defines & C++

John F.Kolen Wrote :
>What about
>#include <winstuff>
>#undef GetNextWindow
>  void GetNextWindow(...
>#define GetNextWindow(h,c)    GetWindow(h,c)        /* somewhere in some
and Larry Hall Wrote :
>Why don't you just check to see if GetNextWindow() is defined and undefine
>it if it is in your code? This should work and requires only minor code


first and formemost "thanks for the suggestion" but the problem with this
method is that if u consider the implementation of the method in the class
(this is usually the case for wrapper classes) i.e
void test::GetNextWindow(uint c)
    //.. some checks...
    //... some post processing for error handling

so now we run into a problem that the original GetNextWindow(..) has now
undefined. Well i found that the "inline" solution would work better than
#undef unless i am missing something.


Nirmal Prasad R.

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