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GDB, m68k-coff, remote debugging

     I'm trying to use GDB from NT and do remote debugging for m68k over 
     the serial line. 
        I have had problems with B19 to interrupt (Control-C) after a 
     "continue" command on the GDB. It looks like GDB doesn't get the 
     signal while it is waiting on the serial read(blocked).
     I upgraded my Cygwin to B20.1 tried compiling GDB and using it with 
     It helped to some extent and GDB is able to catch the signal 
     SIGINT while the serial read is blocked and while GDB is waiting for 
     something to come on the serial line. But, this works only one time. 
     GDB cannot get this signal anymore in the same shell session. Starting 
     a new GDB session in a new shell helps.
        Also, I downloaded the Jan 15th Snapshot and installed the 
     Cygwin-inst*. The problem with this version is that the GDB doesn't 
     get the signal at all while waiting for the serial read. It behaves 
     the same as Cygwin B19 behaved.
     I think the problem is in the handling of signals while doing the 
     blocked I/O calls.
     Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
     Satish Bhagavatula.

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