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Problems inheriting PATH from parent fixed in Cygwin 20

An unusual behavior of the bash shell seems to have been fixed in Cygwin
20, but I didn't see a mention of it in the README.  Maybe it doesn't

After using Cygwin 19.1 for some time, I noticed that bash would never
inherit its PATH variable from the NT command interpreter process; it
would always read it from the registry (as set by the System Properties >
Environment control applet). This appears to have been fixed; modifying
the PATH variable from the Command Prompt window and invoking bash shows
that PATH is indeed inherited.

I hope this has been useful to someone.  I don't subscribe to this list,
so if you have questions, email me directly.  (And yes, I did check the
FAQ, the readme, and the mailing list archives.)

Cygwin is a really great product.  If you can't run Linux, it's the next
best thing.  :)  

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