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[ANN] CLN 1.0 port for Cygwin/Mingw

I've uploaded the source patches and pre-built binaries for Bruno Haible's
Class Library for Numbers, CLN v1.0. March 25, 1999.

Please see README.cln-1.0 for my notes as well as the patches applied
(forwarded to Bruno Haible for consideration). This is static library
only; a DLL version will not work without some source code changes. 
A consequence of static library is that you cannot use this with code 
built with non-GNU C++ compilers.

Visit for more information 
on CLN.

Class Library for Numbers

   Copyright (c) Bruno Haible 1988-1999, GPL

     * Rich set of number classes: Integer (unlimited precision),     
       rational, short float, single float, double float, long float
       (unlimited precision), complex, modular integer, univariate
     * Elementary, logical, transcendental functions.
     * C++ as implementation language brings
          + efficiency,
          + type safety,
          + algebraic syntax.
     * Memory efficiency:
          + Small integers and short floats are immediate, not heap
          + Automatic, non-interruptive garbage collection.
     * Speed efficiency:
          + Assembly language kernel for some CPUs,
          + Karatsuba and Schvnhage-Strassen multiplication.
     * Interoperability:
          + Garbage collection with no burden on the main application,
          + hooks for memory allocation and exceptions.

   Requires: C++ compiler g++. The following C++ features are used:
   classes, member functions, overloading of functions and operators,
   constructors and destructors, inline, const, multiple inheritance,
   templates. The following C++ features are not used: new, delete,
   virtual inheritance, exceptions.

     * (USA)
     * (Europe)


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