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Re: libc and crt support...

> > > vsnprintf would be a very useful function to have in newlib, but it
> > > doesn't exist there; however, vsprintf/vfprintf/etc do exist and you
> > > should be able to use those instead. Or, get a free version off the
> > > and add it to your port library.
> >
> > For that matter, why would you even need such a function? Give me a
> > string stream any day.
> It sounds like the original poster is porting existing code. If v*printf
> used a lot in the code he's, he may not want or have the time to rewrite
> all.

Kind of... it's actually just a very useful open source class library that
I'm trying to help make as cross platform as possible. So far CygWin is the
only platform that it looks like may be very difficult to support (MSC, egcs
on Linux x86/Alpha, Borland, Watcom are all reasonably doable) without
having to work around a lot of issues.

Brian Macy

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