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Re: problem building egcs-1.1.2

In a message dated 3/29/99 7:28:14 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> Are you submitting bug reports on the snapshots?  If so these are not
>  adequate.  I don't know what "refused to run tar" means, for example.

I'm not aware of bug reporting instructions for cygwin snapshots; only of the
warning not to expect support and not even to use them without specific advice
from one of the maintainers.  I'm using snapshots by trial and error to find
those which solve some of the W95 problems.  As I could not get the Jan. 15
snapshot to run, but found that some of the subsequent snapshots accomplished
the advertised fixes, I've been happy so far.

I don't remember the exact message which comes out when I try to run tar with
the last 2 snapshots (something about not having valid input), but it crashes
and writes .core.  I didn't know if this meant the people who run the
snapshots have to recompile utilities such as tar.

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