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Re: Mingw32 & NT header files

Anders Norlander <> writes:
> Helge Hess wrote:
> > I'm in progress exploring Windows NT programming .. what about NT header
> > files in the mingw32 environment ?
> > 
> > Eg, I would like to use the USER_INFO_10 structure as described on the
> > msdn site, but in the headers coming with mingw32 only USER_INFO_[1-3]
> > are contained. Is this a contribution problem or are there other issues
> Try
> Anders

For what it's worth, I'm planning to use Anders' headers and import 
libraries for future releases of Mingw dev tools, and I believe Cygnus 
is planning the same for future Cygwin releases.

These are much improved over the current set, and works very well with
my own code (not very win32'ish), and with some of the 3rd party code
I've tried it with. 


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