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Re: Better console for Win95

Leif Lundgren wrote:

> Short: How do I get a better console-windows for cygwin in 95? A
> NT-console-alike.
> I am using cygwin both in Windows NT and 95. When using windows 95 I
> constantly get annoyed by the fact that I cannot change the width of the
> console windows nor the colors. Also a scrollbuffer would be nice.
> Is there any other "consoles" that I could use?

Try rxvt. There is a version that doesn't require an X-server (although it
does require cygwin) at I have tested the
precompiled version with cygwin-b20.1 + Sergey's coolview dll. (Since the
precompiled version used cygwin b19, I used a hexeditor to replace
"cygwinb19.dll" with "cygwin1.dll**" in the rxvt.exe - where "*" is 0x00).

The command line "./rxvt -fn "Lucida Console-12" -e cmd" brought up a
console running cmd.exe under winnt. I assume "./rxvt -fn "Lucida
Console-12" -e command" will do what you want under Win95.

Good luck.

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