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B20.1: NT - Cannot install from full-split directory

I am a long time user of the DJGPP port of the GNU utilities but find
myself forced by my Company to use Windows NT rather than Win95. The
DJGPP port is causing me all sorts of problems because NT doesn't
support long filenames (I have tried the LFN utility mentioned in the
FAQ, but it is pretty buggy and didn't help much). So I decided to try

I have been trying to download and install 20.1 but have experienced
extreme frustration :-)

I am operating through a firewall so I can only use Netscape to download
files. Whenever I attempt to get full.exe (doesn't matter which mirror
site) I get a time out. OK, so I downloaded everything in full-split
(xaa, xab etc) and combined them using the installation instructions,
but when I attempt to run it (from Explorer, from a DOS prompt, using
"run" off the Start menu) I get an error message "This program cannot be
run in DOS mode." Cound someone tell me what am I doing wrong? :-) (BTW,
I have followed the copy instruction EXACTLY :-)).

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