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A few different questions. Long.

Hello :)

I've been playing with Cygwin on NT Server 4.0 for the last couple of
weeks, and a few questions have popped up
that I haven't been able to get answers for - I'm expecting some of
these to be unanswered since
some have to do with programs downloaded from other peoples sites - but

Many programs that I try to install fail doing ./configure when looking
for gcc's ld.  The only way i've got around
this is to manually edit the script and specifiy my ld program.
Any ideas?

I downloaded the latest release of ecgs from the egcs.cygwin site, and
added the patch that
was on...Mumit Kahn's???....pages.
Make boostrap failed, but a simple make worked.  Is it possible to get
the bootstrap to work?
It failed doing a comparison of stage2 to stage3 I think.

Both with the gcc that comes with the cygwin download, and the latest
egcs i compiled the other
day, when configure scripts check for whether shared objects can be
created, it says no.
Is this where I start learning how to make dll's and stuff?

If a program I compile breaks, and writes a core file (eg,
MyProg.exe.core), is just the
gdb that came with the cygwin download unable to read core files, or is
it just not possible
on cygwin?

Has anyone found a way to compile apache?

I downloaded and installed inetd from the remote.tar.gz that I found on
Most appear to work, but when you telnet to the machine, altho it runs
bash like i want, it doesn't read
the .bashrc or .profile - any tips?

When telnetting to my machine, it appears to authenticate passwords
against the PDC.
When ftp'ing, it doesn't.  I have noticed that the passwd file generated
my mkpasswd
doesn't contain passwords - should i install proper password checking?

Chmod - does it work? Whenever i chmod anything it never actually

Just what is Mingw32? Where can i read up on it?

Sorry for all the questions :)

--Geoff Appleby

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