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Re: A few different questions. Long.

Mumit Khan wrote:

> > Many programs that I try to install fail doing ./configure when looking
> > for gcc's ld.  The only way i've got around
> > this is to manually edit the script and specifiy my ld program.
> > Any ideas?
> This is a problem with older versions of gcc that changed the pathnames
> to DOS style. My binaries do not have this particular problem. A work
> around is the following:
>   $ LD=/full/path/to/ld.exe <srcdir>/configure [...args...]

geoff@sekhmet[~]> gcc -print-prog-name=ld

This was the latest code but with your patch.  What else did you do?..hang
....a light bulb just appeared above my head....let me guess.....see next

> You're right. I typically get compare errors on all c++ and f77 files,
> but not on the C files. Don't know why. It's not a timestamp issue
> since the differences are much further away than where the timestamps
> are (the comparison does skip 16 bytes to avoid the issue).
> I don't know the answer, sorry. However, GCC does seem to work. This
> is the way a few folks do it:
>   $ [configure]
>   $ make
>   $ make install
>   $ make clean
>   [ repeat `make; make install; make clean' a few times ]

So finally make a latest gcc from a latest gcc.....I get it...tricky :)

> > If a program I compile breaks, and writes a core file (eg,
> > MyProg.exe.core), is just the
> > gdb that came with the cygwin download unable to read core files, or is
> > it just not possible
> > on cygwin?
> The core files are misnamed. They're not what you'd expect on a Unix
> system. These are text files, so you can just take a look and see
> what's in it.

Ahh..can i get programs to dump core like i'm used to?
I had a look, and it's not understandable by me :)

Thanks or your help :)


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