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Re: Anyone using gcc-2.95 pre on win95?

In a message dated 7/9/99 3:21:39 PM PST, khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU writes:

> on a Win9x machine?
>  John Fortin just reported a bizarre problem -- sometimes gcc will
>  simply ignore certain include files 

I must have kept my ranting about this within reasonable bounds.  It may have 
something to do with how many files are open.  I've seen cases where copying 
an include file into the first directory designated by -I solved the problem 
of failing to read the contents of an include file, even though the file 
should have been found via a later -I, and cases where a symlink didn't work 
as well as a complete copy of the include file.  Since W2K has become 
available, I've found it (using NTFS file systems) a better way to run cygwin 
than either W95 or NT4, although NT4 runs cygwin better on a FAT file system 
than W2K does on a FAT32.  It's helpful also to specify --host and --target 
whenever it may be applicable, and not to mix compilers built for 
i586-cygwin32 with i586-pc-cygwin32 snapshots.  The most reliable way I've 
found to make the transition is to build gcc once with --host=i586-cygwin32 
--target=i586-pc-cygwin32, install the result, and use it to bootstrap a pure 
i586-pc-cygwin32 compiler suite.  One of the symptoms of not getting host and 
target right is the explicit error message about not finding a standard 
include file (or wanting to find it in /usr/include), but the nastier ones 
are those where the include is satisfied yet the declaration in it are 

Along a similar line, I've got the old Unix Version 6 struct program 
(translate very old-fashioned Fortran to ratfor) working, but on cygwin it 
frequently gets its text buffer pointers out of whack, while it continues to 
work with minor patchups even on pc-linux-gnu.

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