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Re: What to include when creating a distribution using cygwin?

--- Ashley Ward <> wrote:
> Hi...
Hi Ashley
> I'm attempting to discover which bits need including in the package along
> with the executable that I have compiled. Doing objdump -p on the
> executable reveals dependencies on CYGWINB19.DLL, KERNEL32.DLL,
> To simulate this, I copied these four files into the same directory as the
> executable, and ran it. Unfortunately this causes "invalid page fault in
> module <unknown> at 0000:cc267bb8. Running it under gdb is slightly more
> illuminating - I include the output with backtrace below. It all seems to
> fall over in something called from cygwin_crt0 somewhere.
> What am I missing?

Firstly, you can't have more than one copy of the cygwin dll in the executable
path.  Multiple instances of the dll can cause this problem.

Secondly, I wouldn't be distributing the kernel32.dll as it could lead you down
the road to a law suit.  Besides, every win32 system comes with it's own
kernel32.dll as it is the core of Win32.

> Apologies for subscribing and jumping in straight away with a question, but
> I have been reading many articles from the archives today with no
> success. Also apologies for my lack of knowledge on Windows - I'm mainly a
> UNIX type bod.

No need for apologies, it's the reason the list exists and the "UNIX type bod"
is the reason that the Cygwin product exists.


Is there some reason to still be with the b19 distribution?  It is a bit old
now and a lot of bugs fixed and new enhancements with b20 and b21 is looming
around the corner.
Earnie Boyd <>

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