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[ANN] gcc-2.95-19990715 snapshot for Mingw

Due to popular demand, I've uploaded Mingw build of gcc-2.95-19990715
developers snapshot as well. Unlike Cygwin, the Mingw build is more 
complicated because I also need to bundle up binutils and the new 
runtime (based on Anders Norlander's w32api).

I have not even tested the packaging, so beware of glitches and all
the other good stuff that pre-release testing is meant for. Please 
understand that I don't have to the time to answer trivial installation 
questions. (Read: if you can't figure out how to install this, you're 
better off waiting for the final release.)

Here's the blurb from the Cygwin snapshot announcement.

I've uploaded GCC-2.95 (upcoming merged egcs and gcc release) 1999-07-15
dev snapshot binaries for Mingw for those who want to see what's new and 
what's hot.  Since the release of gcc-2.95 has been pushed back quite a 
bit due to the merging of FSF GCC and EGCS GCC, this may be a chance to 
check out the new features without having to wait a few weeks (at the 
very least).

This is *only* meant for developers who may want to try out the newer
features that will be part of the real release (such as the capability
to create COM interfaces); expect problems, bugs, and so on. Please don't 
download unless you're willing to live on the edge.

Patches are there of course.

============= 1999-07-15:

Changes from 1999-06-26:
  - sync with gcc-2.95-1999-07-15 from CVS.
  - apply Jim Wilson's patch that fixes the problem compiling Cygwin
  - disabled inode based cpp optimization
  - rewritten pragma pack handling
  - various tweaks to C++ front-end

Open issues:

  - bitfield packing. I've applied Donn Terry's patch, but it's not
    the default. If you want to layout bitfields exactly as MSVC
    does, compile with -fnative-struct flag.

============= 1999-06-26:

Changes from 1999-06-09:
  - sync with gcc-2.95-1999-06-20 from CVS.
  - fix anonymous struct/union buglet in C++ (thanks to K. Haley for
    reporting this). This was a patching goof on my part.
  - fix for C++ DLLs. Now you can have inline members, virtual functions
    etc in DLL classes that are imported by clients.
  - various tweaks.

Open issues:

  - bitfield packing. Damn this thing. I'm currently testing Donn Terry's
    changes which so far does the right thing, but have yet to run the
    full regression testsuite yet. If things go ok, it'll be in the next
    snapshot whenver that is.


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