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Re: What to include when creating a distribution using cygwin?

On Fri, Jul 16, 1999 at 03:56:07PM +0100, Ashley Ward wrote:
>Earnie Boyd <> writes:
>> > To simulate this, I copied these four files into the same directory as the
>> > executable, and ran it. Unfortunately this causes "invalid page fault in
>> > module <unknown> at 0000:cc267bb8. Running it under gdb is slightly more
>> > illuminating - I include the output with backtrace below. It all seems to
>> > fall over in something called from cygwin_crt0 somewhere.
>> > 
>> > What am I missing?
>> Firstly, you can't have more than one copy of the cygwin dll in the
>> executable path.  Multiple instances of the dll can cause this problem.
>Ah - OK. I've experimented with this however (setting 'export PATH=.' for
>example), and still had the same problem. :(.

There are a few issues here.

#1 if you are distributing code using the cygwin DLL (especially B19) then you
must adhere to the terms of the GPL.  That means that you must be willing to
supply source code for the cygwin DLL.  Unfortunately, you can't just include
cygwin1.dll and not worry about including the sources for cygwin1.dll.  You
also can't just point people at the cygwin web site and hope that that solves
the problem.

We've changed the licensing terms which will be available in B21 (which will
be released no later than January 27, 2003) and in recent snapshots.  The
licensing terms for the cygwin B19 DLL are purely GPL, howver.

>Under B19 I was able to compile and run, and had problems with packaging
>the thing for use on other peoples PCs without the full cygwin
>environment. Now under B20 (with the same source code) it will not run, and
>debugging is made hard by this problem with gdb.

>Thanks for the help - does anybody know 1) which files to include and where
>to put them in a package for distributing software using cygwin, Tcl and Tk
>to a more "virgin" PC? or 2) what might be causing gdb to loose debugging
>symbols in some parts of gcc-compiled software?

It sure looks like you're not compiling with -g.  Perhaps upgrading your
C compiler to a newer EGCS version might help.

FWIW, the B19 version of gdb should be able to debug a B20 program.


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