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PurifyNT 6.0.1 with complex Cygnus Cygwin build environment and NTPerformance Registry data access

Hi everyone.

Below is:

    An overview of our problem, 
    Basic questions we have,
    Some Details about our problem.


We are currently using Cygnus' Gnupro Toolkit to build an NT port of a
Sun Solaris application, which will access the NT performance registry.

We are unable to complete Purification of the resultant executables,
the purified application exits without any warning or error messages
after an extended period at 100% cpu.

When we pare down to the bones what we are working with (specifically
the performance registry access code), it will Purify, and run all
the way through, but obvious seeded leaks are not detected, unless
we use Microsoft's VC++ compiler.


Is anyone aware of any issues regarding the NT purification of an
application compiled using the cygwin tools and it's Unix API on 
top of NT?

If so, is there anything we can do to fix/deal with the issue?

Is anyone else using Purify-NT with any cygwin stuff at all?


Currently we have been able to determine that after ~5 minutes of
initializing while running at 100% cpu, program execution
'disappears' into one of our performance registry access access

Over the next 20+ minutes the virtual memory used by the purified process
approaches the amount of physical memory in the system (128Mb), while the
free-physical-memory gets quite low (hovers ~4Mb).  After a total of
approx half an hour of running at full cpu, the application exits with
code 128, but no other information or warnings at all.

I have searched all of Rational's  technical notes, and cannot find any
matches with cygnus/cygwin or perfmon.  We have also searched the Cygnus
Cygwin discussion list archives without revealing anything other than
the occasional person making a reference to Purify as something to use...


	-Craig Wyllie

 Craig Wyllie            |
 Software Engineer       | phoneto:416-482-7806      
 Halcyon Inc.            | faxto:416-488-4814
 Toronto, Canada         |

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