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[ANN] gcc-2.95 binaries for ix86-mingw

GCC-2.95 for Mingw (i386-mingw32) -- Release information

Release date: July 31, 1999.

I'm pleased to announce prebuilt gcc-2.95 packages for GNU Mingw

What are the various packages?
  gcc-2.95: GNU Compilers for C, C++, ObjC, F77 plus the the respective 
    runtime libraries. Also includes binutils-2.9.4 (distributed with
    Cygwin B20.1), Mingw runtime 1999-07-31, Anders Norlanders w32api
    (slightly modified), GDB version 4.18.
  gcc-2.95-msvcrt40-runtime: Tools to make MSVCRT dependent applications
    instead of the default runtime, CRTDLL.

  (*** I'm still working on this one, so it may not be there until 8/1/99 ***)

  gcc-2.95-html-docs: Provides the documentation in HTML format.

What's not in this package?
  libg++: Sorry, I stopped distributing libg++ a while back. If you
    need it, see the gcc-2.95 FAQ (see the "LINKS" section for URL) and 
    build it yourself.


  Please visit the web page before you attempt to download/install. It
  may address problems you might run into.


  See the INSTALL file for instructions. It's basically a matter of
  unpacking the various packages that you may need.

Disk space?
  About 24M, give or take a few.

MSVCRT vs CRTDLL runtimes?
  The default distribution links with and uses CRTDLL.DLL, which is
  guaranteed to be on *every* W95/NT system shipped. As I've done
  for EGCS 1.1.2 release, I will also upload the add-on to make it work 
  with MSVCRT4.0 DLL, which is shipped with newer versions of W95/NT, 
  as well as with MS packages such as MS Explorer or even Wordpad.

Where are the rest of the utilities, such as make and gdb?
  Jan-Jaap has made most of these tools available from his site, and I 
  see no reason to duplicate them. His site can be reached from the 
  "Related Sites" on my egcs page. I have included a version of gdb 
  (modified 4.18) in the distribution. 

Where to report bugs?

  Report compiler bugs to GCC bugs mailing list. See GCC homepage (URL
  below in LINKS section) for information on how to submit bug reports.
  There is a Mingw list as well.

  GNU Compilers    :
  My stuff         :

Mumit --

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