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Re: xterms and vi

Re: xfree86 port

X11R6 for msvcrt

RE: X-Server for Cygwin

x server?

working sshd under cygwin

Winsup, July 29th snapshot

Windows32 redefinitions

Re: Windows TRACE message

Re: window size hook

Re: Why is MAKE_MODE not UNIX by default?

Re: where can i get details on gcc c++ name mangeling?

where can i get a SED binary?

Re: What to include when creating a distribution using cygwin?

Re: What to do to build gmp-2.0.2?

What is the difference between Unix and Cygwin sockets ?

We are a clearing house for targeted email lists, general lists and for advertising !

Re: Using dll created with cygwin from msvc

Re: use of POSIX emulation from within a DLL by a non-cygwin app

Re: Upper case filenames

RE: unix/MS binary file format

undefined reference etc..

Re: thread safety and next cygwin relase

Thanks: Solved: DLLs


Tcl-Tk 8.1 binaries

RE: Tcl exposes problem with cygwin/echo?

System(command) call returns immediately, command still running

Sybtcl - anybody ported/used?

Re: Suddenly set mark stopped working

RE: substrings in BASH-shells

RE: Subject: SHELL=/bin/sh in Makefiles

subcribe mailinglist

Re: Strange cut and paste behaviour

Sourceware CD.

source for NFS client

Re: snprintf for cygwin

Re: Snpashot bug (was: Missing definitions in wincon.h)

Re: size_of_stack_reserve SEGV

Re: sh-utils

Sew/Serge SEWING Machine PUBLIC SALE !

settextposition and clearscreen

Sendmail 8.9.* and bind 8.2.* ...?

Sed and EOL match

search engine in the archive is a mystery to me

Re: scp for cygwin?

Re: rxvt interacts badly with bash line editing

Re: rlogin, rsh, and cvs server

Re: Returning modified code to the Cygwin Community

Resolved: Cygwin B20/Win95: ssh/scp: "no controlling tty"

Re: Resizeable xterms

Re: reported vs actual file sizes

Re: RCS anyone?

Re: RCS and Samba

questionabout full.exe

Question: Sockets

Question re: compiling Ht://Dig under cygwin

question of header curses.h


Re: PurifyNT 6.0.1 with complex Cygnus Cygwin build environment andNT Performance Registry data access

PurifyNT 6.0.1 with complex Cygnus Cygwin build environment and NTPerformance Registry data access

Re: PurifyNT 6.0.1 with complex Cygnus Cygwin build environment and NT Performance Registry data access

Re: probs with scp and sshd for NT

Re: Problems with the syntax for initializing variables

Re: Problems with Hello World.

Re: Problems with dll-generation under Win98

Problem: Keyboard + Link

Problem's with SSHD (/dev/tty1)

Problem with system V shmem between JNI process and regular processes

Problem with linking (Installation-, Configuration-Problem?)

Re: problem with Less and Backspace

Re: problem with "javadoc -link", using "file:" URL

ported email sender

Re: poring GNU C++ to NT

Re: Pesky -mno-cygwin problem

Re: perplexing error with g++

perl5, IO::Socket, Net::FTP, winsock2

re: PDFLIB for cygwin32

PDFLib compiled for Cygwin32

Re: paths under ming

RE: Path-Problem

Patch to build cross compiler: RedHat6.0 -> Cygwin20.1

Re: Parrse Error at line 100

RE: Optimizing code with cygwin gcc??

RE: optimization

Re: NT Threads

no shift

Re: NFS mount support

NFS clients for Win32 platforms

Re: newbie: _findfirst bug or is it me?

Re: A new user of cygwin and unix based system

Need to update Cygwin Environment

Re: mv does not overwrite destination file

Re: More DLL fun! [fwd: ]

Re: mingw32 vs. cygwin

Re: Mingw32 header - commdlg.h

Re: mingw32 build of gcc with anonymous unions/structs allowed?

Mingw32 - Internal compiler error /gcc/toplev.c

Mesa3d port

Re: Man pages for Cygwin tools

malloc debugging

make IE plug-ins


Re: Linux->Cygwin->PowerPC.

Linking ESQL-Apps for SQLServer

Re: Link is breaking for setbuffer()

Re: Libwww again

libstdc++-v3 snapshots for Cygwin/Mingw

Re: Libraries not working

Re: libio? Another related question

libio? Another related question

Re: libio

July5 winsup snapshot

July section of mailing list archive is 'Permission Denied'

Re: July 5 snapshot

Re: July 17th snap shot

IT sales effectiveness

Re: Is Cygwin-32/b19 & 32/b20 Year 2000 Compliant?

Re: Internal compiler error

Installation pb under W95

Re: Install problems

Re: Install failure for cygwin 20.1 binaries on Win95

include and library paths

Re: I cannot find poll.h

Hypermail using cygwin tools

Re: How to FTP binary files?

Re: How can I get a .dll to resolve at runtime ?

High CPU usage with ddd under Windows NT


has anyone got the midas sound libry or the ptc graphics library to compile on mingw32?


Re: GUI for GDB using Mingw32

GUI console

RE: Graphical Debugger

Re: GLADE on Windows NT

RE:gcc-2.95/ July 5 snapshot

Re: gcc library

Re: gcc compiler

Re: gcc build error--configuration problem?

Function allowed only in Win32 mode !!!

fork() problem

Re: fork()

Re: filesize function

Re: fhandler_base::fork_fixup message

Re: A few different questions. Long.

Re: fchown

Re: FAT or NTFS ?

Re: failure notice

Re: Existing dll : importing PLEASE IGNORE

Existing dll : importing

Re: does egcs build for mingw32 define a compiler specific constant

Re: Dlls @n symbols

RE: directx + c++ + mingw32? can it be done?

RE: DDD v3.1.4 issue on CygWin32 I need some help with...


CygwinB20 and sshd 1.2.26

Re: Cygwin32 Win32 --> Linux cross compiler

cygwin-install 990702 fixes W95 scrolling

Cygwin to Linux compiler

Re: Cygwin sources: How to extract the *.bz2 files under win95?

Re: Cygwin mounts

Re: Cygwin Memory Handling in Arrays

Re: Cygwin Gcc Compatibility with gcc on other platforms ??

Re: Cygwin B20/Win95: ssh/scp: "no controlling tty"

Re: cygwin B20 installation

Re: cygwin and directx


Re: csh

Re: Creating two dlls

cp -r produces junk files and has permission probs

Re: Couple (easy) questions: Linux dev and Mesa.

Re: Copyright restrictions on cygwin

RE: configure in july 5 snapshot

Compile program

Re: compile for zlib sources

RE: Command-line length limit in bash with cygwin?

Re: command lines

code writing

Re: Clearing the screen

RE: Cat and Head Problems with Binary Files

Re: Can't download FULL.exe

Re: Can't build GDB 4.18 under Cygnus 2.0.1

Re: can you export a c++ class from a cygwin32/mingw32 dll?

Re: C exceptions

Re: building bash-2.03?

bugs call __alloca

Re: bug in walking directories?

bug - b21 - incorrect prototype for RegisterClassW

Broken DLL base relocation

Re: basical question

Re: bash: pushd

Re: bash within XEmacs

bash temporary files not deleted

RE: bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

bash history not avail from arrow keys

RE: B20: cygpath doesn't handle 8.3 tilde names

B20: 'find' modifies file access dates

Re: B20: /dev/lp not supported

B20/B20.1: Odd problems w/ make: vfork & execvp

Re: B20.1: expect: spawn -open doesn't work

B20.1: Crash in CYGWIN1.DLL { in setsid()? }

Re: B20.1/win95 bug in bash

B20.1/NT: Make 3.75 -- trailing spaces in makefile macros cause weird problems

B20.1 -- bash issue (maybe bash, maybe something else)

b20 executable size

Re: b19 vs. b20 .a files incompatible

AW: Problems with dll-generation under Win98 - solved!

Re: AW: bash history not avail from arrow keys

Re: Autoconf

Re: Anyone using gcc-2.95 pre on win95?

Re: Any one got a downloadable version of Enlightenment

Re: after compiling and executing...

Re: advertisment *FREE LEATHERMAN TOOL

Re: _splitpath() _makepath()

Re: _ctype_ not exported by cygwin1.dll ??

Re: [Mingw32 - Internal compiler error /gcc/toplev.c]

[G77] mingw32 vs. cygwin32

[FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

[ANN] Mingw runtime snapshot 1999-07-15

[ANN] Insight/GDB debugger binaries for Cygwin b20.1

[ANN] gcc-2.95-19990715 snapshot for Mingw

[ANN] gcc-2.95 dev snapshot updated to 1999-07-15

[ANN] gcc-2.95 binaries for ix86-mingw

[ANN] gcc-2.95 binaries for Cygwin b20.1

Re: @at and a/w notations

7/02 snapshot improves includes on W95

Re: 19990503 snapshot failing to scroll screen

Re: 1 install 2 operating systems

RE: .bashrc strange behavior

./configure => 'file not found'

Re: -mwindows copyright?

Re: 'Tail' bug linked to file size

"installation problem of full.exe"

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