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compiler for x86-VxWorks targets

I followed to the letter (patches etc. inclusive) Mumit Khan's web-hosted
step-by-step instructions on building cross compilers created on Fri Feb 19
11:56:42 1999.

In step 2, I built CROSS egcs-1.1.2 for Cygwin b20+ instead, as this is now
the current version.

However I could not quite follow the thousands of operations that were done
by configure and make and hence, I am not sure at all of the outcome.

Since the process described is supposedly Unix hosted, it's understandable
why I got a lot of errors like

        /bin/sh not found.

However, (if this is at all possible) I'd like to run the whole process on a
Windows 98 "box", and even if possible use (some of) the precompiled
binaries provided by "Cygnus".

Could you please answer the following question which will be an easy one for
you, but is as much as rocket science to me:

        What is the proper action and command sequence to build a GCC-like
compiler which:
                a) runs from the Cygwin32 prompt on a  Windows 98 "box"
                b)  produces something which can run on Intel x86-VxWorks "box' 

The latter is a configuration defined (and supposedly supported at least by
GCC) by the current "Cygnus" distribution: 
         Directory of C:\usr\local\src\cygwin-b20\src\gcc\config\i386
                VXI386   H             880  02-22-98  6:10p vxi386.h

Even WindRiver Systems (the maker of VxWorks) is said to have worked in
cooperation with "Cygnus".

So, how about  something simple, like compiling for VxWorks the following

/*      HELLO.C -- Hello, world */

#include <stdio.h>

int main_task()
        printf("Hello, world\n");
        return 0;


I tried to do it by myself (changing the "NATIVE" part of your instructions) by

cd /usr/local/src/egcs-1.1.2
mkdir NATIVE
sh ../configure --target=i386-wrs-vxworks -v
make > make.log 2>&1

but all I got was 


 Directory of C:\usr\local\src\egcs-1.1.2\NATIVE\gcc

CCCP     EXE       699,418  02-02-00 10:35p cccp.exe
CPP      EXE       699,418  02-02-00 10:35p cpp.exe
GENCHECK EXE       321,297  02-02-00 10:35p gencheck.exe

and an empty


Where's the GCC I was longing for to help me see the cosmopolitan greeting
on my VxWorks screen ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help. 

Best regards
Nedialko Krouchev, Ph.D.
postdoctoral fellow
Prof. John Kalaska's System Neuroscience lab 
2960, Chemin de la Tour
University of Montreal, H3C 3J7 Canada
tel:    (514) 343 6111 x3314
fax:   (514) 343 2111 

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