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Re: b20.2 Problem accessing scsi tape drive on WIndows NT SP5.

Paul Stearns wrote:
> Whomever:
> I have installed full.exe. The files in the bin directory are data\ed
> 12/01/98. I have been unable to access an Archive Python 2550-XXX 4mm
> DAT drive.
> [...]

This isn't able with b20.1

You will have to
- take my special version of b20.1:

- buy the CD release V1.0 of cygwin or

- use one of the developer snapshots since February 1999.

Anyway, as you already tried, you'll have to mount the tape:

	mount -s -f -b //./tape0 /dev/st0

If you wants to use the tape as norewind device you have to do an
additional mount:

	mount -s -f -b //./tape0 /dev/nst0

In my directory on you will find also special versions
of gnu-tar and gnu-cpio which set the block size of the tape via ioctl
call to the blocksize used by the tool itself. Moreover you will find
a self written mt(1) command which is really useful when using tapes.

Hope, this helps,

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