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Re: Windows executables and C++

At 03:44 PM 2/16/00 , Andreas Bergstrøm wrote:
>"Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" wrote:
> > What exactly are you trying to do?  
>I am trying to compile a simple C++ program that runs at least looking like
>a Windows application, perhaps something like a QuickWin application in VC++.

OK, but I don't know what QuickWin is/does so this doesn't explain much 

> > What are the problems specifically?
>I can compile without problems, but when I run the program from a DOS box, the
>full path to the program is shown in the top bar for a few seconds (i am
>compiling on a 486), and it then resumes as if the program had run, but
>nothing has happened.

OK, looking at the code you have provided, there is no indication of anything
windozy in there.  If you're trying to get some Win32 GUI window to pop up
and take input and display output, you have to add code to do this.  What
you have is basically a console application that you've removed the console
from.  The fact that it doesn't do much as a result is not surprising.

> > What are you building?
>g++ -mwindows -e _mainCRTStartup sekundomregner.cpp -o sekund.exe
>I tried modifying the makefile that came with RUN too, to make it
>use G++ and the sekundomregner.cpp instead of gcc and run.c, just to
>check, but with the same result.
> > Its hard to offer any advice when the most specific information one can
> > gather from your query is "I did something and it doesn't work."
>I know, it was a bit vague, but I am pretty new to this and I was not
>completely sure what information you wanted. I hope this will help
>you to help me.

It does to some extent.  My opinion is that you have a basic misunderstanding
between what you're trying to do and what it takes to get that.  This isn't
really a Cygwin issue.  Its more of a Win32 tutorial issue, IMHO.  You may
want to check out some of the pointers on Earnie Boyd's or Mumit Khan's
sites (sorry I don't have the URLs handy - check the mail archives).  I
believe either or both of these sites have Win32 tutorial information/


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