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Re: Perl ported to Cygwin bug report (-w)

On 17 Feb 00, an entity purporting to be Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
[<>] wrote [regarding Re: Perl ported to Cygwin bug report (-w)]

> At 11:59 AM 2/17/00 , Soren Andersen wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I am using a Perl that's been ported to Cygwin, I am sure I remember that
> > the prebuilt Win32 (Cygwin) binary i installed was pointed-to from
> >Cygwin's site or an associated site list of port projects. sorry  don't
> >have the specific URL.
> >
> >In this Perl, the -w (writable yes|no) file test operator is broken -- it
> >always returns null on any file. [As a consequence I cannot run the
> >important Perl module to extend Perl conveniently). I am running
> >NT4 sp6.
> >
> >If anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate hearing from them.
> >
> >      soren andersen
> >
> This is probably the age-old bug/issue with permissions.  You need to set
> permissions "across-the-board" (i.e. --w--w--w-) to get them to show up as
> being set in the default b20.x installation.  Set "ntea" in your CYGWIN
> environment variable to remedy this on NT/NTFS drives or, better yet,
> update to a recent snapshot and use "ntsec". 

OK, I have done the above -- I set the permissions on .cpan to +w and set 
my CYGWIN env thus:
SET CYGWIN=ntea tty notitle
(I didn't have CYGWIN set at all).

It still does not work. Perl doesn't see write permission set on the tree :-(.

> See details about these
> settings and what they do in the mail archives.  You can also find
> discussions of the default permission issues there as well (although you
> have to look back quite a bit to find them!;-))  My guess is that this is
> what Perl is having trouble with as well, although I haven't tried it to
> see...

  soren andersen

"Some lawyers have been telling people that
you have to get permission before you link
to something. That's a terrible affront to
free speech."
        - Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of
                    the World Wide Web

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