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Cygwin && VB && DLL


I want to make some of my (beautifull :) Unix source code available to our
Win32 programmers.

My own cygwin dll's should be (mainly) usable under Visual Basic 6.0
and possible under MVC++.
The trouble is.. that the .dll's that are generated by cygwin are not
with the Microsoft .DLL's?

To overcome to ask a completely stupid question here, I have searched
on dejanews, mailinglists, and faq about Cygwin DLL's and Microsoft
Visual Basic to no reveal.

I have found some stuff about "relocatable dll's", and info that DLL
generation is Operating System and Compiler dependent,
but no examples of GCC params to generate VB compatible DLL's.
(Maybe it's my lack of knowledge about VB.. who knows. Well VB is
not difficult, as far as I have seen.)

- How do I create Microsoft Compatible DLL's with Cygwin usable in
   Visual Basic?
- Could the answer be placed into the Cygwin Faq?

(As I am not on this mailinglist I would appreciate a CC to me personally)

Thnx for youre time.

Vriendelijke Groet,

Pettemerstraat 12A                                  T r I p l e
1823 CW Alkmaar                                         T
Tel. +31 (0)72-5129516
fax. +31 (0)72-5129520                              Automatisering                                 "Laat uw Net Werken!"

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