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RE: Undefined reference to '_ctype_'?

> --- Kendall Bennett <> wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> >
> > I just installed the an updated Cygwin snapshot as mentioned on the
> > woodsoup page which is based on the 2000-01-05 snapshot. I installed
> > this over a B20.1 installation that I had up and running with GCC
> > 2.95.2 installed, make 3.78.1 and bash 2.03. After installing the
> > snapshot files I then re-built make which worked fine. I then tried
> > re-building bash but it kept bailing at the link stage with the
> > following errors:
> -8<-
> > I read about this error needing the latest cygwin1.dll snapshot, so I
> > downloaded and installed the 2000-02-24 snapshot dll (which for some
> > reason when I unzip it with WinZip has a date of 2000-05-28?), but
> > this made no difference.
> >
> > So how do I solve this problem? Do I need to use the latest snapshot
> > and re-build all the libraries or something? Where are some readme
> > instructions on how to download a snapshot, compile it and install it?
> >

I think it is a compiler issue.  He needs the GCC-2.95.2 patches from
devlepment snapshots
from Mumit's ftp server or PGCC 2.95.2 for Developement snapshots from my
URL at
http:/  Note, mine PGCC 2.95.2 is totally unsupported,
as mentioned
at my URL.


> You need to download the latest cygwin-inst tarball and replace
> your existing
> headers and libs.  If you have any libraries you've built of your
> own you'll
> have to rebuild those.  The cygwin1.dll is backward compatible to
> the existing
> executable only, and not the existing objects and libraries that make the
> executable.
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