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Re: Vim and Cygnus

I suppose you're using the Win32 verison of VIM as I do. I have defined a function in my .bashrc:

function e
    local arg
    for arg in "$@"; do
        <path>/gvim $(cygpath -w "$arg")

1. The function is kept and executed in memory and uses the "Cygwin way" to convert the paths (and is therefore also capable of converting mounted directories).
2. Your .inputrc and .bashrc in your $HOME are not in Unix format ==> save both files with LF only.

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From: on 01/06/2000 11:18

Subject:  Re: Vim and Cygnus


I tried using this script for invoking vim, so that it understands Cygwin paths

echo $* | xargs -n1 cygpath -w | sed -e 's#\\#/#g' | xargs  vim -T win32

Two problems :

  1. It is very slow. That I can understand because so many things are done
     before Vim is actually invoked.

  2. Two, Vim is complaining, 'Vim: Warning : Input is not from a terminal'.
     Also, Vim takes much time to respond to first keystore (for eg, ':' takes
     almost 30 seconds to appear). Subsequent keystores are fine.

Any help?

Stefan Petrucha wrote:

> Shiv Kumar wrote:
> > I am using Cygnus tools (cygwin 1.1) and Vim for my development (powerful
> > combination). My shell is bash and the cygnus root is D:/root.  Cygwin has
> > created certain mount points for convenience :
> >
> >      $ mount
> >      D:\root\bin         /usr/bin            user         binmode
> >      D:\root\lib         /usr/lib            user         binmode
> >      D:\root             /                   user         binmode
> >      $ cat /tmp/x
> >      Test file
> >      $vim /tmp/x
> >      [New File]
> >
> > Vim searches for a file called D:/tmp/x which does not exist.
> >
> > Is there any way by which I can make Vim recognize cygwin mount points?
> Seems you have the Win32 version of vim. I use the GUI version (gvim)
> and had this problem too. You can get or compile a cygwin version or as
> me use the cygpath utility to get the native Windows path out of cygwin
> path:
> $ vim `cygpath -w /tmp/x`
> or simpler with script (named mywim for example) as:
> #!/usr/bin/bash
> vim `cygpath -w $1`
> and then
> $ myvim /tmp/x
> I created a little bit more complicated script that changes all file
> parameters to cygwin paths and then calls gvim, but can't find it now.
> Stefan Petrucha
> --

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