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Re: inetutils questions

--- Richard Stanton <stanton@Haas.Berkeley.EDU> wrote:
> I just installed the latest inetutils, and they seem mainly to be running.
> Just a couple of questions:
> 1) telnetd: This works using sh as the shell. However, I'd like to use 4nt
> as the shell, rather than /bin/sh. I edited passwd, and replaced "/bin/sh"
> with "/cygdrive/c/4nt/4nt.exe". Now, however, when I telnet to my machine,
> I'm immediately logged off, as in:
> You are successfully logged in to this ftp server!!!
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> How can I get 4nt.exe to be used as the login shell?

Purchase the source for 4nt and rebuild it as a Cygwin Binary. ;^)  That *is
the only way* it is going to work.


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