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Re: text / binary mounts (sorry)

The command `mount --help' might have helped in this instance.

mount -b --change-cygdrive-prefix /cygdrive

--- Matthew Lowther <> wrote:
> Hullo,
> 	I use cygwin (snapshot 05252000) , mainly to access cvs and make, so
> I can build the same source on NT and unix.
> When I check things out in CVS I don't want lots of Dos Line Feeds being
> added.
> This is OK, so long as I mount the relevant drive as a binary mount.
> BUT is there anything I can setup to make all drives act as binary mounts
> automatically. 
> The problem is that if a drive isn't mounted at all, then I get dos line
> feeds at the end of each line.  So people not accustomed to using bash use
> cvs and unknowingly add dos line feeds to all the source files, this gets
> repeated .... and we end up with lots and lots of horrible dos line feed
> characters in all the source.
> Thanks in advance for any help I may get, I'm scared to send this message
> because I know there's been alot of mail about CR/LF issues, but I'm
> desperatley hoping I can stop these ^M's infiltrating our source code.
> 	Maff.
> P.S. Problem description.
> If I run bash and say change to the t drive
> cd t:/
> echo "bob" >fred
> vi fred
> ->produces
> bob^M
> ie. with a dos line feed thing.
> If I do mount -b t: /t
> and do the above, it produces
> bob
> ie. no dos line feed.
> But can I make echo "bob" > fred produce a file fred with no dos line feed
> without having to make sure I've done the mount?
> Attached is the cygcheck thing
> .. <<cygcheck.out>> 
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> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream name=cygcheck.out
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