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RE: text / binary mounts (sorry)

Earnie Boyd [] writes:

> Are you sure of this, Ron?  AFAIK CYGWIN=binmode only affects the pipes
> redirection and not file I/O.  BTW CYGWIN=binmode is the default.

One minor caveat with respect to "default" - the default behavior for the
stdin/stdout handles changed from b20.1 to the net releases, dependent on
whether you explicitly had the environment variable or not.  If you put
CYGWIN=binmode in your environment it also affects stdin/stdout default
behavior, but if you leave the variable out they will default to text mode
and not binary.

It's my understanding this was done for some issues with interactive tool
use, but unfortunately it also comes into play when utilities fork() a copy
of themselves to process data on stdin/stdout (I ran into this with the
rsync utility).

The precise "better" default behavior is arguable, but at a minimum it's
just something to be aware of if you are running without CYGWIN=binmode in
your environment.

-- David

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