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Please try the 6/1 Cygwin DLL snapshot -- this may be the one

The 2000-Jun-01 snapshot should fix any lingering problems with text
mode reads or writes being performed in binary.  It is available here:

This file should be copied to your /bin directory.  There should also
be a cygwin1.dll in this directory.  If there isn't, you're in the wrong

Once it's downloaded please:

    1) Terminate all running cygwin applications

    2) In the command shell, cd to the MS-DOS equivalent of your /bin
       directory, e.g.,
        cd cygwin\bin

    3) gzip -d cygwin1-20000601.dll.gz

    4) copy cygwin1.dll

    5) copy cygwin1-20000601.dll cygwin1.dll

    6) Check any failing applications for correct operation.

Note that the setup utility mounts your root in "binmode" by default.
This DLL does not change that.  It only fixes the problems with reading
files in text mode that were most clearly illustrated by make and sed.

It should also fix a couple of other problems reported here in the last
week.  Check the ChangeLog for more info:

If there is not too much grumbling about this snapshot, it will probably
become the next net release of the Cygwin DLL.

If you do try out this DLL, I would appreciate hearing success or failure
reports here in the mailing list.  Do not
send them to me personally.


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