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RE: problems with latest Cygwin 1.1

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Carl Thompson []
> Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 12:43 AM
> To:
> Subject: problems with latest Cygwin 1.1
> Hello,
>      I'm having problems using the latest Cygwin release 
> (just downloaded
> and installed today using today's setup.exe).  If I compile 
> any trivial C++
> application with the "-mno-cygwin" option, the compile 
> apparently succeeds
> but when the application is run it faults.  I am running on 
> Windows 2000. 
> Using the C compiler to generate executables works fine; just 
> executables
> compiled using the C++ compiler die.  I have used older 
> versions (1.0) of
> Cygwin with success.  My development project (the LGPLed FLTK 
> cross platform
> GUI toolkit) does not require the Cygwin DLL, however it does 
> require the
> Cygwin build enviroment.
>      Also, the Insight debugger supplied with the latest 
> Cygwin cannot seem
> to find / process source files on my system.  When I start up 
> the debugger
> with an executable compiled with the "-g" flag, it pops up a 
> dialog with a
> lot of error output apparently related to loading the source 
> file.  The
> program's source is not displayed, nor does it seem to know the source
> files' names as normal.  I've used a previous version on a 
> previous version
> of Cygwin with success.
>      Are the bugs known and is it known when they will be 
> fixed?  I would
> rather not go back to 1.0 because I have to heavily modify it 
> to use newer
> compilers and tools (takes a while).
>      Please CC me in any responses; I am not on the list.

I might suggest that you go to the mailing list archives and do a search.
Both of these topics have been abused to death on the list in the last
month.  See and for two different archive interfaces.

This thread addresses what might be causing your 'fault'.;

And a search for 'gdb' will yeild enough reading material for the next


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