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Newbie question and thanks

First, to the questions.

- Firts Q: I'm running configure as per the email exchange on this list
between Steve Jorgensen, Suhaid Siddique, and Mumit Kahn (describing how to
build the gcc tools to work with cygwin CD v1.0).  I'm going through the
exercise mainly to learn (and also to get a g77 compiler which strictly
speaking I have from the cygwin installation).
Similarly to Steve I find that during configure some critical files/apps are
missing - he indicates that his build subsequently fails so I have not tried
that yet.  I have downloaded the most recennt versions from my question is how to install them properly? I've cygwin
installed and working nicely -> I'm terrified of breaking something by
trial-and-error'ing my way to the answer :)  the ouyput indicating the
missing files is...

checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... (cached) yes
checking for working aclocal... missing
checking for working autoconf... missing
checking for working automake... missing
checking for working autoheader... missing
checking for working makeinfo... found

- Second Q: Suhaib indicates in one of his mails that a patch he applies
fails and he fixes this via 'manual editing'... any pointers to a URL,
example of what this involves?  Or is this something that sohould not be
attempted?  The reason I ask is that quite a few of the patches 'fail' when
I run patch i.e. I get a msg indicateing d:\temp\filenemame cannot be
renamed to /dir/configure because the file already exists (I don't have my
console up so can't be more specific for the moment - If any one would find
this info useful I'm happy to retrace my steps - just let me know.

-The thanks... I was introduced to GNU/cygwin/gcc via Mumit Khans build of
mingw32 (ecgs 1.1.2) from memory and it worked first time compiling some c++
code, encouraging me to consider the g77 compiler which I was looking for.
I've also had a very good experience installing cygwin, and then using it.
These seem exceptional resources and first class work.  Very imprressive

Thank you all

Mark Van De Vyver
Department of Accounting and Finance
University of Western Australia
Hacket Drive
Nedlands    6907
Perth, WA
+61 8 9345-1572 (after hrs - GMT+8)
+61 8 9380-2510 (direct)
+61 8 9380-2917 (general office)
+61 8 9380-1047 (fax)

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