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More details about cannot compile because of cpp.exe: /tmp/foo.i: Permission denied

Some more details about my inability to compile.

I determined that gcc and/or cpp honor the TMP environment variable.
But I still get permission denied

792/tmp> echo $TMP
793/tmp> cp /temp/rcs-5.7/src/a.c .
794/tmp> cpp a.c
# 1 "a.c"
main() { return 0; }
795/tmp> gcc a.c
cpp.exe: /tmp/ccQh4PLx.i: Permission denied

I can write files in this directory though 

796/tmp> cpp a.c >foo.i
797/tmp> cat foo.i
# 1 "a.c"
main() { return 0; }

800/tmp> type cpp.exe
cpp.exe is hashed (/usr/bin/cpp.exe)

Then I removed ntea from CYGWIN and started another bash session.

501~> echo $CYGWIN
ntsec tty notitle
502~> cd /tmp
503/tmp> gcc a.c
cpp.exe: C:\TEMP/ccQXlNyW.i: Permission denied
504/tmp> TMP=/tmp
505/tmp> gcc a.c
cpp.exe: /tmp/ccRxLxTH.i: Permission denied
506/tmp> ls -ld /tmp
drwxrwxrwt   2 administ Administ        0 Jun  6 19:05 /tmp/
507/tmp> id
uid=500(administrator) gid=544(Administrators) groups=544(Administrators)
508/tmp> ls -ldn /tmp
drwxrwxrwt   2 500      544             0 Jun  6 19:05 /tmp/

Here is the output of cygcheck -s
I did install into C:\ (which I later learned is not recommended.)  Is this
perhaps part of the problem?

Cygnus Win95/NT Configuration Diagnostics
Current System Time: Tue Jun  6 18:43:13 2000

WinNT Ver 4.0 build 1381 Service Pack 4

Path:	.
	/program files/javasoft/JRE/1.2/bin
	/program files/winzip
	/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/Tools/WinNT
	/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/MSDev98/Bin
	/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/Tools
	/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/bin
	/Program Files/Inso/balise
	/Tax Lot Accounting/tuxedo/bin
	/Tax Lot Accounting/pb
	/Tax Lot Accounting/exe

SysDir: C:\WINNT\System32
WinDir: C:\WINNT

CYGWIN = `ntsec ntea tty notitle'
HOME = `/usr/home'
PWD = `/temp/rcs-5.7/src'

Use `-r' to scan registry

a:  fd           N/A    N/A                    
c:  hd  NTFS    4090Mb  63% CP CS UN PA FC     
d:  hd  NTFS    8062Mb  24% CP CS UN PA FC     
e:  hd  NTFS    2059Mb   1% CP CS UN PA FC     
f:  fd           N/A    N/A                    
g:  cd           N/A    N/A                    
i:  net NTFS    6100Mb  94% CP CS UN PA FC     
j:  net NWFS    9442Mb  44% CP          FC     PROD
k:  net          N/A    N/A                    
l:  net          N/A    N/A                    
m:  net NWFS    9442Mb  44% CP          FC     PROD
p:  net NWFS   30000Mb  69% CP          FC     USERS
s:  net NWFS   29999Mb  77% CP          FC     VOL1
z:  net NWFS    4000Mb   6% CP          FC     SYS

C:\bin  /usr/bin  user    binmode
C:\lib  /usr/lib  user    binmode
C:    /        user    binmode

Found: C:\bin\bash.exe
Found: \bin\bash.exe
Found: C:\bin\cat.exe
Found: \bin\cat.exe
Found: C:\bin\cpp.exe
Found: \bin\cpp.exe
Found: C:\bin\find.exe
Found: \bin\find.exe
Found: C:\bin\gcc.exe
Found: \bin\gcc.exe
Found: C:\bin\gdb.exe
Found: \bin\gdb.exe
Found: C:\bin\ld.exe
Found: \bin\ld.exe
Found: C:\bin\ls.exe
Found: z:\\ls.exe
Found: \bin\ls.exe
Found: C:\bin\make.exe
Found: \bin\make.exe
Found: C:\bin\sh.exe
Found: \bin\sh.exe

  115k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygitcl30.dll
   63k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygitk30.dll
  474k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygtcl80.dll
   19k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygtclpip80.dll
   24k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygtclreg80.dll
  768k 1999/09/14 C:\bin\cygtk80.dll
  569k 2000/05/15 C:\bin\cygwin1.dll
  115k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygitcl30.dll
   63k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygitk30.dll
  474k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygtcl80.dll
   19k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygtclpip80.dll
   24k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygtclreg80.dll
  768k 1999/09/14 \bin\cygtk80.dll
  569k 2000/05/15 \bin\cygwin1.dll
Use -h to see help about each section


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Tolkin, Steve 
> Sent:	Friday, June 02, 2000 10:05 AM
> To:
> Subject:	Cannot compile because of cpp.exe: 
> C:\TEMP/foo.i: Permission denied
> I treied to make the various RCS files, and got this failure:
> When trying to compile I got 
> ./ The command 'gcc  -Dhas_conf_h  -I. -I. -O  -o 
> a.out a.c ' failed on
> a trivial program.
> To track the problem down I manually ran the following 2 commands
> which show the problem:
> > echo 'main() { return 0; }' > a.c
> > gcc -Dhas_conf_i -I. -O -o a.out a.c
> cpp.exe: C:\TEMP/ccWsQgSx.i: Permission denied
> Here are some relevant details:
> > id
> uid=500(administrator) gid=544(Administrators) 
> groups=544(Administrators)
> > ls -ld c:/temp
> drwxrwxrwt   6 administ SYSTEM      32768 Jun  2 09:53 c:/temp/
> > type cpp.exe
> cpp.exe is /usr/bin/cpp.exe
> > ls -l /usr/bin/cpp.exe
> -rwxrwxrwx   1 administ None        75264 Jan 21 00:56 
> /usr/bin/cpp.exe*
> > echo $CYGWIN 
> ntsec ntea tty notitle
> and CYUGWIN is now set before I launch bash.  (I set it in my 
> Windows system environment.)
> I seem to have some kind of permissions problem, but I do not 
> know what it is,
> or how to fix it!
> I wonder if the name of the temp file has both C: followed by 
> a backslash, then TEMP
> and then a forward slash is somehow related to this, or just 
> a red herring.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Steve
> Here is the original attempt to run make that led me to the 
> above problem.
> 530/temp/rcs/rcs-5.7> make
> ...
> cd src && make all
> make[1]: Entering directory `/temp/rcs/rcs-5.7/src'
> rm -f a.*
> ALL_CFLAGS=' -Dhas_conf_h  -I. -I. -O' \
> CC='gcc' \
> COMPAT2='0' \
> DIFF3='/usr/bin/diff3' DIFF3_BIN='1' \
> DIFF='/usr/bin/diff' DIFFFLAGS='-an' DIFF_L='1' \
> ED='ed' \
> LDFLAGS='' LIBS='' \
> RCSPREFIX='/usr/local/bin/' \
> /bin/sh -x ./ 3>&1 >a.h 2>conf.err
> ./ testing permissions ... OK
> ./ testing compiler for plausibility ...
> ./ The command 'gcc  -Dhas_conf_h  -I. -I. -O  -o 
> a.out a.c ' failed on
> a trivial program.
> make[1]: *** [conf.h] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/temp/rcs/rcs-5.7/src'
> make: *** [all] Error 2

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