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RE: inetd doesn't work until stopped and restarted

Charles Wilson [] writes:

> This probably has to do with the order in which Windows System services
> are started. e.g. if inetd depends on, say, 'windows socket services'(*)
> then if inetd is started at bootup *before* WSS, it'll fail. However,
> once the machine is running, then you can restart inetd and it'll work
> because WSS is up.
> I seem to remember some article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base about
> this, and how to resolve it -- but no specifics. Hunt around at
> (*) 'WSS' is an imaginary service I made up. But you get the idea.

A good dependency might be the TDI (transport driver interface) group, which
should ensure it starts up once all the base networking support is
operational.  This is the same group that MS's workstation and server
services depend on.

If you have the MS SDK, there's a convenient utility, 'sc', there that can
be used:

   sc config inetd dependencies= +tdi

(The + means group)  I don't know if sc can be downloaded directly from the
MS site or not.

Or, if you don't mind plugging away at registry entries, the dependencies
can be found at:

   Key: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\inetd
   Value: DependOnGroup (REG_MULTI_SZ)
   Data: TDI

The value probably won't be present if there aren't any dependencies, so
just create the value.  You should be able to use regtool with:

   regtool -m set
'HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\inetd\DependOnGroup' TDI

-- David

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