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Problem with running setup


I have a winNT4 workstation and would like to install
cygwin. I have downloaded setup.exe, README and

Following the instruction in the README file, I done
the following:
(i) created a directory (h:\apps\cygwin)
(ii) created a directory for root
(iii) copied setup.exe and cygwin-20000301.tar.gz
files in to h:\apps\cygwin.
(iv) opened dos cmd prompt, cd'ed in to
'h:\apps\cygwin' dir and executed setup.exe.
(v) when it asked from where I wanted the root, I
typed 'h:\home\amulla\root'.
(vi) I then selected to install cygwin from current
directory (i.e. type 'd').

Please note, 'c:\' is where WinNT dir exists and 'h:\'
is a partition where I install my apps on my local

After 2 hrs I do not see any activity in the dos
window. I noticed my machine has got extremely slow.
When I quit the setup application (Ctrl C) my machine
is still very slow and not able to close the dos
window. I am also unable to shutdown my NT machine.
Instead on each occassion I needed to do a cold reboot
(which worries me as I am using NT).

I have noticed various subdir (and contents) created
in h:\home\amulla\root (lib, bin,usr, var).

I can not install cygwin over the internet (otherwise
I'll be hanged by my boss). 

I would be extremely grateful if you could give me
some assistance. Thanks in advance.


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