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microsoft keyboard.sys

I'm looking to create a dynamic keyboard layout that changes as you
type, and works for all applications on the operating system. To do this,
it looks like I'll have to create a replacement keyboard.sys file.

I've tried running cygwin/mingw32 'nm' on it but it can't read anything.
How can I extract the contents of a .sys file into a .a library, and
create a new .sys driver with the functions that I need replaced?

Also is anyone else aware of any keyboard layouts or programs that perhaps
take qwerty and dvorak to a new level, by making even more of the common
keys on the home row? As you type letters the keyboard layout would change
to accomodate the most frequently used ones that are likely to come up
next in the words you are typing. Even if the speed benefit and reduced
strain turn out to be not that significant, it seems like an interesting
brain tease and my hunch is it'll seem natural once you get lots of

I've checked the mummit khan pages but didn't see anything there. That
site has been tremendously useful in the past for working with dll's, so
I'm wondering how dissimilar .sys files are and how doable it is to
extract them, then recreate them.

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