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RE: New version of setup.exe with fixes for i686-pc-cygwin/* problem

Chris Faylor writes:

>I've uploaded a new version of setup.exe to sourceware 
>which just deletes files in the i686-pc-cygwin hierarchy that 
>are outdated by the new cygwin 1.1.2 (or
>any other installation, for that matter) installation.


Just to make sure I am doing things right

I also had to manually put  _G_config.h into  /usr/include

So should I recreate the i686-pc-cygwin directory
or is it OK to leave as is in  / usr / include ??

Only other thing I have noticed is that some
installs seem to leave headers in DOS form /r/n
when installing them into / usr / local / include 
from a text mounted drive   / is mounted as binary

readline-4.0 and python-1.52 both did this 

This causes problems for gcc until I manually run the
files through a d2U filter.

Could this be due to my setup ??

NHV:/> mount
Device              Directory           Type         Flags
c:\cygwin\bin       /usr/bin            user         binmode
c:\cygwin\lib       /usr/lib            user         binmode
c:\cygwin           /                   user         binmode
c:                  /c                  user         textmode
d:                  /d                  user         textmode
e:                  /e                  user         textmode
f:                  /f                  user         textmode

Other then this V1.2 seems to work like a charm :-)))

Many Thanks to all involved !!

Norman VIne

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