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Problems compiling Vlib

I recently used the new setup.exe on a Win95 Laptop that I already had 
B20 installed to install the latest cygwin version.  I used the download 
from the Internet Option and then installed to an empty directory instead 
of replacing the B20 so I got the new (or what I believe to be new) 
Directory structure.  Seemed to install and work like a champ.  Since I 
was pretty new to cygwin when I installed B20 and am still new to it, I 
am really still checking it out.  The install and setup seemed to work 

I am however currently having problems the VGui Library by David Wampler 
using the makefiles which are included with the Vlib and I can't seem to 
determine where the problem is.  I tried to recompile under my old B20 
version but now that I installed the new net version and the new 
directory structure and it changes the mount points I can't get it to 
compile as a test under the old B20 version either.  I believe this is a 
mount point issue and was wondering if anyone can tell me what the 
default mounts were that were setup when you installed B20 so I can 
change my mounts when I run the old version to see if it will compile 

I thought it might be related to needing the mingw libraries or gcc2.95.2 
but I see gcc2.95.2 was installed with the net install and download the 
mingw extra's (gcc-2_95_2-mingw-extra_tar.gz) from and 
installed that to /usr/local/mingw and still get the same errors.

When I try to compile the V libraries either under the old B20 (with the 
incorrect mount points) or the new net version I get the following 

/usr/local/v/srcwin$ make vlib
g++ -c -I/usr/local/v/includew -I/usr/local/v/gnuwin32/include  -O2 -o 
/usr/local/v/obj/vapp.o vapp.cpp
vapp.cpp: In function `int CMain(void *, void *, CHAR *, int)':
vapp.cpp:1197: implicit declaration of function `int 
make: *** [/usr/local/v/obj/vapp.o] Error 1

I was getting a whole different set of errors but then I changed the 
mount for d:/cygwin to / from binmode to textmode and got it to this 
point.  This compile under the old B20 but I can't seem to get it to 
under the new.  And without the original default mount points for B20 I 
can't prove it did under B20.

Any insight in this would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Keener

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Thank you.

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