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Re: Win98 and /etc/passwd ??

> Sorry about this maybe silly question:
> How to create /etc/passwd on Win98 ?
> When trying to run mkpasswd or mkgroup I get an error popup about a
> missing Export-NETAPI32.dll:NatApiBufferFree

mkpasswd/mkgroup only work for WinNT.
> I tried to create /etc/passwd by hand (Empty password) but got "login
> incorrect"
> Also the info from inetutils-1.3.2.README did not help. 
> Any hints / links / READMEs available?

You need to create this file by hand.  The only part that is a pain is 
the password it self.  to get a crypted password into a file use the 
crypt command as follows

crypt mypasswordhere >>/etc/passwd

This puts the encrypted password in the passwd file with a trailing 
\n.  Next edit the file and add the rest of the info needed in passwd, 



NOTE  If you are using ftp as well, and you want to use bash as 
your shell create a file called /etc/shells.  Put the following into the 


Otherwise ftp will not function correctly.

Hope this helps,

Tom Weichmann

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